Source: The Evolution of Lawn Mowers Throughout History

Imagine a fancy house. It could have a cozy fireplace in the living room accentuated with natural stone to keep you warm on chilly nights. Maybe a wrap-around porch to lounge on and drink cocktails while you gaze at a setting sun (or a rising one if you’re about that). What does the landscaping look like?

Whatever kinds of trees and shrubs are present, it’s pretty much regulation that all well-kept visible property must have some kind of thick, green, low growing mat of grass. …

My own take on a pollinator garden, with a mix of native perennial, non-native annual, and clearance section plants. This photo was taken in October, so it is a bit past its prime!

Good intentions have a way of drawing criticism, especially when directed at a major issue. Those packets of “wild” flower seeds you walk past at your local dollar store have potential, but can they cause more harm than good?

Packets of seeds containing a curated mix of flowering plants, with labels such as “Bird and Butterfly Mix” and and “Bumblebee Buffet”, are marketed towards the fact that pollinators need our help to survive. And it seems like many people are eager to make a difference in “saving the bees”, because these seed mixes come back in stock every spring in…

Solar panels and greenery living in harmony at the Scandinavian Green Roof Institute. Photo: Built to Bloom

Demand for solar energy in a renewably-powered future could increase the value of open, sunny spaces. So, in thinking about the future of urban resilience and energy security, rooftops should become a coveted resource.

But there is more that a rooftop can be made into than a solar panel parking lot. …

It feels like no small thing to have access to greenspace when you live in a city — even if your city is relatively suburban. There’s all sorts of research about how being in nature, spending time outdoors, or even just having plants around can improve a person’s state of being. But there are more urgent reasons to gardening in the city. …

Hannah Blice

Thanks for reading here with me.

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